• Organically grown Colorado hemp-derived CBD
• The finest Broad Spectrum and Full spectrum CBD oil in our consumable products
• Never any hidden chemicals, preservatives or emulsifiers
• Always THC free and cruelty free
• GMP (good manufacturing practices) certified
• 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product

Kathleen and Elaine, the Co-founders of Sonder Grace, are wives, moms, bosses  and athletes. They discovered the benefits of CBD oil, but were not happy with some of the look, quality and taste of the products available. Kathleen and Elaine set out to source broad and full spectrum, organically grown, great tasting CBD oil.   The Sonder Grace mission is to provide the highest quality supplements as they relate to health and beauty both inside and out. They don’t stop there.  Education and inspiration on health, beauty, real food and fitness can be found on the blog.