Whether you are going to work, workout or tote around your littles, this coffee is the best way to start the day.  It is so completely delicious and is packed with nutritional benefits including Sonder Grace CBD oil that our nutritionist, Elaine, outlines below. Enjoy!


8-12 oz. Organic coffee (brewed) 

1/2-1 tbsp MCT oil- we love Bulletproof XCT Oil (*you can start with 1/2 tbsp if your body is not used to large amounts of fat at a time)

1-2 tbsp organic full fat coconut milk (to taste)

1 dropper Sonder Grace Peppermint CBD oil tincture

2 tsp raw organic cacao (optional)


Take all ingredients and blend in a high speed blender for 30 sec and enjoy immediately.  You may want to start with half the amount of fat if you are sensitive to the coffee (experiencing slight nausea at first).

Health Benefits of Energy Blend Coffee

  • Fat Loss- Daily consumption of medium-chain triglyceride oil (MCT), found in coconut and palm oils, has been shown to help with fat loss and results in less weight gain.
  • More Energy – MCT oil is metabolized more efficiently into ketone energy.  Ketones are what the body produces when it’s using fat for energy instead of glucose.
  • Gain Muscle – Both exercise and caffeine (from coffee in this case) raise cellular energy in the body while simultaneously inhibiting your “muscle building mechanisms” (mTOR) for a brief period of time.  This causes our muscle building potential to “spring back” and build even more muscle as soon as you eat. There are 3 known ways to raise mTOR: Intermittent fasting, exercise, and caffeine.


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