Sonder Grace CBD Oil for Panic and Anxiety

March 2018

My personal use of Sonder Grace CBD oil- I’ve been using it mainly for managing my anxiety. I have terrible anxiety and at times it’s crippling.

Previously, I struggled to make it through my work day without crying from being overly stressed, overwhelmed and panicked. I started taking the CBD pills 8 days ago and it’s made a huge difference. If you don’t have anxiety, it’s hard to understand the symptoms I’m describing. I haven’t cried at work at all (it sounds crazy, but when you have anxiety crying is when you’re almost at your breaking point). I have maintained my composure even under the same amount of pressure I previously was under. I haven’t gone home and just wanted to crawl in bed because of my mentally challenging day. I’ve found I have more energy and feel less ‘stuck’ just trying to manage my symptoms.

Janie P.  Wisconsin

Sonder Grace CBD Oil for Childhood Autism

March 2018

My 6 yo autistic son was started on Sonder Grace CBD oil tincture 8 days ago. He previously only had been given CBD oil on an ‘as needed’ basis. So, if we were going out and there would be a lot of external stimuli that I couldn’t control or if he was having an especially high sensory seeking, meltdown kind of day. We decided to try him on a daily dose to see if there was a difference. I informed his special ed teacher that we were trying something different with him and that I would appreciate detailed updates on him, but I never told her what exactly we were trying.

Wow! What a difference. His sensory seeking was minimal. He needed minimal stimulation breaks. His appetite has increased (he’s normally very picky, doesn’t eat a lot and is very slow) and he has been eating consistently. The amount of meltdowns have decreased to a minimal amount and he’s been able to vocalize his frustrations more effectively. He has been able to focus on tasks that he needs to do and has accomplished them without much adult guidance (these are small tasks that neuro-typical children do with ease- getting his shoes and coat on and independently going to the bus). 3 his teachers have voiced that the last week has been overall the best week he’s had all school year.

As for the taste- he’s been given the lemon flavor. (Keep in mind how picky he is and is normally unwilling to try anything different) He likes the lemon flavor and after the first time tasting it he even said “mmmmm, that tastes good!”

Janie P  Wisconsin

Sonder Grace CBD Oil for Overall Wellness

March 2018

So I ordered the capsules and for a week now have been taking two daily. It took about five days for me to start noticing differences. I suffer from anxiety/panic attacks, I have noticed a SIGNIFICANT drop in my daily anxiety. I usually get very anxious and almost every time have a panic attack in the movie theaters, I saw a movie Saturday with my wife and Ta-da! Nothing, it felt great to see a movie without having a panic attack quarter or halfway through. Secondly I noticed the pain in my back and shoulders have gone down noticeably. It used to make me feel the need to crack my neck all the time and caused stress headaches. Now I don’t feel so tight and pain is decreased. Third, I also feel like the sleep I am getting is much more sound sleep, could be from less pain or less anxiety or a combination of both. Which gives me the feeling of more energy throughout the day. Overall I am super happy about this product as being in the military we are usually put on multiple medications that are terrible for your body in the long run. I told myself I would never get put on anti-anxiety medication and I would get off my pain prescriptions. With the CBD oil capsules I am finally able to do that.

Taylor M.  Tuscon, AZ

Sonder Grace CBD Oil for Childhood Depression and Anxiety

Feb 2018

My 12-year-old daughter has suffered severe depression and anxiety for about a year now. I put her into counseling and her counselor (who is more of a naturopath) called me one day and stated that, though she really never likes to put kids as young as my daughter on medication, she would recommend getting her into a doctor or a psychiatrist because of how severe her depression had become. I took her to our primary care doctor and right away they put her on an anti-depressant. By the time my daughter had her next appointment (she was going to counseling once a week) her counselor called me in the room and said she was very concerned about the potential for my daughter to harm herself and during some of her conversations with the therapist, she had insinuated thoughts of suicide. I had noticed that since putting her on the anti-depressant the week before, she had gone from bad to worse. Read the full Story.