Summer Is Not for Stress

Many people would agree that summer is the best season.  It is a time of longer days, warm weather, swimming, outdoor activities, BBQ’s and 3 months off from school for the kids.  Likewise, summer can also bring a source of stress for parents. Routine gets thrown out the window and parents are managing much more than usual.  Gearing up for the family summer vacation can be both exciting and stressful. Fortunately, there is an amazing supplement that can help ease everyone’s nerves, and assist in making your family vacation, well, a vacation again.

Enter CBD

Lately, the conversation about CBD has become much less taboo and much more publicized. The list of its health benefits is long and continues to grow.  One of the primary reasons that people are seeking out CBD is to manage stress and anxiety. In fact, there are countless studies published stating that people have had better results with CBD than their anti-anxiety medications.

How Can CBD Help Me and My Family This Summer?

Scientifically, CBD has the ability to trigger the release of pleasure hormones including serotonin.  It are these hormones that actually reduce levels of stress, often times, causing a feeling of calm experienced throughout the body.

CBD is Safe and Effective for Children:.    

Traveling can be hard on kids.  Being out of their normal routine, staying up later and eating foods that they don’t normally consume are all sources of stress for kids.  CBD has been shown to help with all of the side effects that come along with different mental and physical issues for the whole family, especially while traveling.

  • The positive effects of CBD in children are manifested the same way as with adults, creating a sense of calm throughout the body. Take CBD as needed or if you know your going to stress, start taking prior to travel.
  • Figuring out how much CBD to take for yourself or to give to your child can be confusing. It’s all about finding the dose that helps you (or your child) to feel less anxious. Everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different, which means that the perfect dose of CBD varies per individual.  See our dosing guidelines to help find you and your child’s perfect dose.

Boost Immunity with CBD

We have all experienced sitting next to that dreaded person hacking up a lung on the plane or having someone sneeze right in your face in a public area.  Yuck, and who wants to be sick on their vacation…no thanks! Build up your immunity ahead of time by not only supplementing with CBD, but ensuring you get plenty of water and sleep, same goes for the kiddos.

CBD for Motion Sickness

Being in the car or flying for an extended period of time can cause nausea and/or headaches.  CBD is effective for both of these complaints.


In terms of nausea, CBD has been proven effective in preventing and suppressing the feeling that you are going to throw up by working directly with the endocannabinoid system. As stated by The US National Library of Medicine,

With the discovery of the endocannabinoid system, novel ways to regulate both nausea and vomiting have been discovered that involve the production of endogenous cannabinoids acting centrally. Here we review recent progress in understanding the regulation of nausea and vomiting by cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system, and we discuss the potential to utilize the endocannabinoid system in the treatment of these frequently debilitating conditions.”

  • Supplement with CBD prior to travel if you know you have motion sickness or you can use acutely. Be aware that it may take a bit longer to kick in if you don’t dose a few hours before travel.
  • CBD boosts serotonin levels, which can lead to nausea reduction.  
  • Headaches are caused by various physical and environmental factors. Lack of water, lack of sleep, and stress are the most common causes of headaches. CBD  works with the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain helping to reduce  inflammation and bring relief from the headache.  

Other Tips for a More “Zen” Family Travel Experience 

It’s a good idea to have some decompression time at the end of a long vacation day to prepare your family for a good nights rest. Bringing a favorite book or blanket from home can help kids transition from non-stop activity to calm sleepy time with ease(equals less hassle for you!!).  

CBD is also a great addition to these nightly rituals, particularly for those of us that have trouble falling asleep when not in our own beds.  CBD can help reduce stress and create a sense of calm in the brain and body.  There are different sleeping issues that can be addressed with better sleep habits and CBD supplementation.  When dealing with insomnia, it is best to ingest it a no later than a  few hours before bedtime. See our dosing examples for a better night’s sleep.

When planning and taking a family vacation this summer remember that your kids are depending on you to help them adjust to new environments and experiences.  If you are suffering from the added stress and anxiety that comes along with a family vacation, you won’t have the chance to enjoy the experience and help to create wonderful memories. After all, vacation should be fun for everyone!!!   These moments should be full of laughter and pleasure, living in the moment, and being together. So pack your bags and dont forget your CBD, your summer adventures with your family will be talked about for years to come!