At Sonder Grace we sell organic CBD oil products because we have experienced first hand how bringing your body back into balance can change your life for the better.  We also know that though supplementing with CBD can be a significant part of achieving overall health, it is only one piece of the puzzle.  Proper nutrition and exercise are also hugely important when it comes to living a healthy, mindful lifestyle.  Sometimes we need a little extra boost by supplementing with vitamins and minerals.

We have all walked into the supplement store or isle and thought, “What is all this and why do I need it?”  Supplements can be so difficult to navigate so we developed a Cheat Sheet! The first two categories that our Nutritionist, Elaine, has tackled are Performance and Recovery and Brain Health.

The cheat sheet walks you through the best supplements, why you need them, and when best to take them.

Dowlload the Supplement Cheat Sheet Here.