Designs for Health Metabolic Synergy™

Designs for Health Metabolic Synergy™


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Metabolic Synergy™ is a comprehensive multivitamin and mineral formula designed to support healthy carbohydrate metabolism and protect the body from oxidative damage. This formula includes helpful compounds rarely found in other multivitamins—such as green tea extract, taurine, inositol, carnosine, and benfotiamine. The main minerals in Metabolic Synergy™ are in chelated form, which increases their bioavailability and contributes to sustained levels of these nutrients in the body.

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B vitamins – Required for energy production at the cellular level; the B vitamins in this formula occur in their active and most potent forms: B12 as methylcobalamin, B6 as pyridoxal-5-phosphate, and folate as

NatureFolate™ – a naturally occurring folate (as opposed to synthetic folic acid)

Chromium, vanadium, & biotin – Aid in healthy insulin sensitivity, glucose tolerance and carbohydrate metabolism

Carnosine, benfotiamine, & lipoic acid – Unique compounds shown to have antioxidant properties; they help protect retinal, kidney, and nerve cells – the ones at greatest risk from suboptimal blood sugar metabolism

Magnesium – Balances calcium intake and supports healthy blood pressure

Selenium & iodine – Minerals essential for the production of thyroid hormones, with thyroid function being responsible for influencing the body’s metabolism

Taurine – Antioxidant and liver support; needed for the production of bile salts, which are components of bile – the fluid secreted from the gallbladder needed for the digestion of fats

Molybdenum – Found in the liver and kidneys; plays a role in the detoxification process

Vitamin A & zinc – Support immune function and eye health, both of which can be affected by blood glucose levels



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