When we started having conversations about launching an online CBD boutique, Elaine and I were in agreement that we wanted a brand in which women could relate.  We wanted women like us, who have super busy lives with work and family to feel good about our education and products.  Part of our model in helping with eduction and sales was to create an affiliate program to get women educating women.

The following success story was sent to us by our very first Sonder Grace affiliate, Kira Blakeley.  Kira did not just sell Sonder Grace CBD oil, she helped this family understand how CBD works and gave them confidence to make the move and give it a try.  We are so happy they tried it!! As mothers, this story brought us to tears – happy tears!

My 12-year-old daughter has suffered severe depression and anxiety for about a year now. I put her into counseling and her counselor (who is more of a naturopath) called me one day and stated that, though she really never likes to put kids as young as my daughter on medication, she would recommend getting her into a doctor or a psychiatrist because of how severe her depression had become. I took her to our primary care doctor and right away they put her on an anti-depressant. By the time my daughter had her next appointment (she was going to counseling once a week) her counselor called me in the room and said she was very concerned about the potential for my daughter to harm herself and during some of her conversations with the therapist, she had insinuated thoughts of suicide. I had noticed that since putting her on the anti-depressant the week before, she had gone from bad to worse.

Her counselor advised that I take her to the hospital so that she could be admitted for treatment. I took her immediately and they admitted her to a psychiatric hospital for a week. While she was there, she was switched to another anti-depressant (as they stated,  the first anti-depressant was causing the suicidal thoughts). After coming home,  I noticed that the antidepressant that she was on, was causing her to act extremely apathetic. She would sit in her room all night and wasn’t interacting with friends or family. I saw a post from a friend about how CBD oil can be very helpful for depression and anxiety and I wrote to her to gather more information. I also spoke to some of my friends that are physicians and decided that my daughter would stop her antidepressants and try the CBD oil instead. She started the CBD oil, which I was able to purchase easily from Sonder Grace and after giving the medicine to my daughter for only a week, the difference was night and day. My daughter has happiness and joy back in her life. She is back to having friends around constantly, being crazy with her family, and making us laugh nonstop. I cannot say it enough- how much of a blessing this product has been to me. My daughter’s counselor called me last week and said she doesn’t think that my daughter needs the amount of counseling that she has been getting, and dropped her down to every other week. Thank you so much Sonder Grace, for educating people about the incredible benefits of CBD and for being an integral part of giving my daughter her life back!

Kira is a certified herbalist who loves to deliver CBD education face to face, via facetime, phone or email.  You can connect with her on social media here.

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