Whether it’s a cold winter’s night or a hot summer’s day, sipping on tea can be refreshing and comforting. The health benefits of drinking tea go beyond just a tasty beverage. Research has shown that tea offers numerous health benefits to the body and mind. Tea should be incorporated into your daily vitamin and supplement routine, to help maintain health and balance.  Like CBD oil, all tea is NOT created equally. Always make sure that your favorite tea company is only using high quality, premium tea leaves. It is critical when choosing your favorite blend.

What Makes Drinking Tea Healthy?  

Not every tea on the shelf is going to offer your body nutrition.  The most wholesome and nourishing teas are green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea and “herbal tea”. Herbal Teas are typically a base of one of the above teas mixed with herbs. Here is a list of the potential benefits your body can receive from drinking tea:


Antioxidants are responsible for killing the molecules in our bodies called free radicals.  Free radicals can contribute to the aging process. They also play a role in diseases such as cancer, heart conditions and diabetes.  Antioxidants prevent or slow down cell damage.


Green and black tea contains caffeine.  Consuming too much caffeine can be hard on your organs.  Tea provides the pick me up that coffee does, but with a lower dose of caffeine. Too much caffeine can  contribute to accelerated heart rate and jitteriness.  


Black tea has been shown to lower cortisol in the body, the hormone responsible for stress.  Both green and black teas can have great effects on brain waves, helping you to relax and concentrate.  


Many of the compounds found in tea can help reduce inflammation.  Studies have shown that drinking tea regularly can help slow down the progression of arthritis. This occurs by blocking pro inflammatory cells before they damage the cartilage.


Green tea increases the body’s ability to burn fat and increases your metabolism.  It is a natural diuretic, helping to combat fluid retention.


Tea is considered a helpful way to inhibit the absorption of cholesterol from the large intestine.  Rooibos tea has been shown to improve your lipid profile. Your lipid profile is the level of cholesterol in your bloodstream.  


A compound found in green tea called catechins may provide protection from strokes or heart disease. This specific ingredient is associated with lowering these health risks because catechins contain high levels of antioxidants. Additionally, they are rich in anti inflammatories. 

Beneficial Herbs

The payoffs from drinking tea are only enhanced when herbs are added to the formula.  When tea is steeped with herbs, flowers, and roots of medicinal plants, there are heightened health rewards.  Below are some of the most advantageous herbs to look for in tea combinations:


Ginger is amazing for all things that are digestive related. It is extremely effective in alleviating nausea and dizziness. Ginger helps with morning sickness. It is proven to be helpful when dealing with the side effects associated with cancer treatments.  In addition, it helps treat indigestion and heartburn and aids in improving many stomach related discomforts.


Chamomile can also be extremely helpful with stomach ailments. It is mostly known for its relaxation properties.  It contains an antioxidant that binds with receptors in your brain that help promote a restful sleep and prevent insomnia.  Some studies have shown that drinking chamomile tea can reduce stress and anxiety.


Peppermint is a very common flavor in the world of tea.  It is most commonly known for its ability to help with digestive issues but it is also antibacterial and antiviral.  It is a perfect tea to drink during the cold and flu season.  It’s useful for indigestion and heartburn and stomach discomfort. Peppermint is invaluable for people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.


Hibiscus tea is one of those yummy teas that is delicious when drank cold or warm.  Some research has shown that it can help lower high blood pressure and can assist in keeping your liver healthy.  There are plenty of antioxidants in hibiscus tea. This increases its ability to fight off free radicals. Because of the aforementioned, it makes it incredibly therapeutic.  Drink hibiscus tea when you feel like you may be coming down with a cold, because it’s high in vitamin C.


Often referred to as the perfect tea to ease stress and anxiety.  Lemon balm is also notorious for assisting with insomnia, indigestion, boosting cognitive function, and helping alleviate menstrual cramps.  It contains volatile oils, polyphenols, tannins and flavonoids, among other crucial nutrients.  As a result, Lemon Balm promotes a sense of calm throughout the body.  

The benefits of drinking tea daily can provide life long health advantages.  For thousands of years, tea has brought people together in ceremony, celebration and in healing. Studies have shown that even drinking one cup of tea a day, gives your body a huge dose of necessary antioxidants.  It is imperative to shop from tea companies that care about their ingredients and avoid using dangerous additives or “natural” flavors in their combinations. It seems like the best option when shopping for a high quality tea, is to look for non GMO, organic tea companies.  That way, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy your delicious and nutritious cup of healthy tea with the knowledge that what you’re sipping on is exactly the way nature intended it to be!