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Why Do You Need a Diverse Gut Microbiome?

Rotating the vegetables you eat can help kickstart weight loss!  You’ve probably heard the old adage, “eat the rainbow” which is great advice on eating a variety of fruits and vegetables by making sure you have many colors represented.  But creating a diverse gut microbiome means not only eating a

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CBD and Sleep

The need for sleep  Lack of sleep is the #1 complaint I encounter when talking to my family and friends regarding their general wellness. I, too, have suffered from bouts of insomnia and poor quality sleep. It is downright miserable. We are in the company of many others who suffer

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A Girlfriend’s Guide to Getting Through a Hangover

Oh the hangover. As I sit here to write this the timing couldn’t be more perfect.  What started out as an afternoon birthday brunch with friends turned into “How have I been here for 6 hours and did we seriously just have a dance party?”  I’m feeling  tired, crabby, hungry and

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