Sonder Grace creates clean and organic self care essentials for living a well life, inside and out.

Sonder Grace was founded on the belief that life should be lived in balance. As simple as that sounds, we all know that sometimes balance seems unattainable. The demands of everyday life with work, relationships, family and even travel or adventure are enough to fill up our days and cause us stress. As humans, most of us want to get the most out of our one precious life. Maybe you are looking for something wonderful to enhance your self care routine. Perhaps you are just starting out on your quest for balance. We are here for you with self care information, inspiration and USDA certified plant-based products.

We know that life can be complicated and stressful; your self care routine should not.

Everything you find on our site, from products to lifestyle guidance, is intentionally crafted with simplicity in mind.


Founder and Formulator