Co-Founders of Sonder Grace

We are Kathleen and Elaine, Co-Founders of Sonder Grace, an online Colorado CBD boutique and lifestyle blog. We founded Sonder Grace to source high quality supplements that complement women’s busy lives. We strive to slow down the pace and live more simply, but like many of you, we find ourselves trying to squeeze multiple days into one. We are wives, moms, bosses, athletes and love to have fun and look fabulous! We discovered the benefits of CBD oil, but were not happy with some of the look, quality and taste of the products we were using. We set out to source full spectrum, organically grown, great tasting, CBD oil that we now bring to you and your families. It is our mission to provide the highest quality CBD supplements as they relate to health and beauty both inside and out. We don’t stop there. We provide education and inspiration on health, beauty, real food and fitness so that we can all stay informed and balanced, together! Thank you for supporting us on this journey.

Kathleen Murray Tremblay


Kathleen has been honing the ever-changing practice of marketing and communications since 1999. Her career started in hi tech when enterprise deployments were fashionable. Over the years, her industry, client list and communication skills diversified and she is happy to report she can not only successfully build a marketing strategy, but she can also outsmart her teenager on most forms of social media. Kathleen is thrilled to join Elaine in bringing better health information and products to the market.

Elaine Valenza Opdahl


Elaine is a certified nutrition therapy practitioner, functional medicine supplement educator and former natural foods manufacturer. Elaine started her journey with natural medicine when her oldest child was young and had health problems due to gluten and other food allergies. Since then she has remained passionate about healing the body with whole foods and other holistic modalities.